Top Advantages Of Robotic Surgery

In the past few years, surgical robots have really transformed the way surgeons operate or perform surgeries and has positively affected the patients as well. Robotic surgery enables surgeons to be much more precise, especially when it is much-needed in complex and critical procedures like cardiothoracic surgery.

Here are some advantages that robotic surgery offers:

• Minimally-invasive -As robotic surgery is done laparoscopically, only tiny incisions are required more most surgeries. With robotic surgery in delhi being more stable and precise, it needs smaller incision as compared to what is needed with normal laparoscopic surgery.

• Faster recovery - Since the incisions made are smallest possible, the time patients need to heal and recover from the surgery is much faster as compared to the traditional form of surgery where open incisions were made. While time needed to heal may vary from person to person, generally patients are able to resume their usual lifestyle within several week…

Reasons Why You Should Visit an Urologist

There are many instances where a person obviously has a urologic problem that is recurring, not resolving or appearing to be something serious and still the primary doctor refrains from referring them to an urologist in Delhi for diagnosis and treatment.

A urologic problem can be very serious and even life threatening if not treated on time. It can deteriorate to an extent that treatment can be very difficult after a certain point. Still, why would any doctor not refer a patient to an Urologist in Delhi as soon as the first sign of urologic problem is recognized?

The reason can be the insurance companies that pressurize the doctors to refrain from referring to specialist doctors. Or it can even be arrogance on the part of the primary doctor that thinks that they know enough. 

Therefore, here are few reasons listed why you should visit an Urologist.
  1. In case of male infertility. A minor percentage men suffering from infertility is due to testicular cancer, which usually goes unnoticed by primary doctors and IVF specialists.
  2. Blood present in the urine. This condition is known as haematuria and can be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer. If blood is noticed in the urine, then one must not wait to see if the blood in the urine stops. Consult a urologist in Delhi or the Best Kidney Specialist In Delhi.
  3. If any abnormalities is noticed in the prostate exam, like nodules or firmness, then you must consult an urologist in Delhi. These can be due to prostate cancer. 


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